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Friday, 31 March 2006

One Night in Bangkok

During our trip from Sydney, we spent a few days in Bangkok & stayed at the Shangri-la hotel, which was wondeful. Unfortunately the streets around the hotel were a bit grotty and past their prime.
All the roads seemed to be full of Tuk Tuks, motorcycles and cars. I managed to snap this street during a quiet moment. It's not a city I took to, although the Golden Palace was amazing.

Crete a Picture

Last May, my partner and I took a holiday to Crete. The hotel we stayed in wasn't very good, but it was right next to the beach. It was always sunny and warm. On the whole we had a good time. One of the highlights was a day trip to the island of Santorini. A colourful and very photogenic place. Some historians suggest that Atlantis was sited near there, as there are a lot of small islands nearby that are covered in lava.

Thursday, 30 March 2006

Wedding of the Year

Besides going to Dubai, my partner and I went to Sydney, Australia to get married. We chose the Chinese Gardens, close to Darling Harbour. For a wedding present, my brother and nephews all clubbed together and treated us to a helicopter ride over Sydney, as buying a toaster or juice maker was out of the question. It was a great experience and I took loads of photos. Most people know what the Opera House looks like, even from the air.

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Dubai Dream

There was an article in the British Daily Mail today about travel agents not telling the truth about hotels along Jemeriah Beach being surrounded by new hotel developments. There is a lot of building work going on, but it is a facinating and exciting place to visit. I took this photo in February this year from the 8th floor of the Hilton Hotel, close to the creek and shows the sort of thing that is on offer. Don't let the construction work put you off going. It's a safe, sunny and brilliant city to visit and you're sure of a happy holiday.