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Friday, 26 August 2016

Dreaming Of The Past

Sometimes I will see something in a shop window that will make me stop and take a photo.

Today is a good example, as I saw this display of vintage goods in a charity shop window, during my lunchtime amble around the city centre.

Quite a colourful arrangement of things, and looks influenced by the 1950s.

The only thing is that I'm sure they've put those cat styled glasses on upside down.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Would you believe it if I said that this lion was actually a coffin?

Well it's true. It was made in Ghana by a master carpenter called Paa Joe.

A film maker called Benjamin Wrigley has just finished making a documentary about him and his lion coffin, and it's going to be shown at the Broadway Cinema over the weekend.

I met Benjamin a couple of years ago at a film club that used to run in Beeston, when they screened a little snippet of the film, which he was raising money to get finished.

In fact I blogged about it at the time: https://beestonblog.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Paa%20Joe%20and%20the%20Lion

The coffin is currently on display in the entrance to the Broadway, and there's also a small exhibition of how the coffin was made in a former shop on Heathcote Street.

Monday, 22 August 2016

ET - Enormous Talent

A co-worker said that she was in the city centre on Saturday and heard a really wonderful busker called Sian Alex. Sian, as in the Welsh spelling she added

She wondered if it was a musician I knew, as I know a few nowadays. I said that I hadn't heard of her before, but was intrigued to know what she sounded like, as my co-worker was really enthusiastic about her.

Bizarrely enough, whilst out for my lunchtime stroll, who happened to be setting up on Bridalsmithgate, but none other than Sian. So I said hello, while she was sorting out her cables, and asked her if she was starting, or packing up. Alex replied that she would be starting shortly. So I said that I would come back shortly.

When I returned to Bridalsmithgate Alex was singing away. In fact I could hear her as I was walking up St Peter's Gate. So I stopped and listened to a couple of her songs. And indeed she was very good. Some nice folk songs. Original ones too I think. But sadly I had to return to work. But I dropped some money in her collection box before I left.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Sand And Showers

Today apparently is World Photography Day.

As according to the history books, the first photo was taken 177 years ago today. Of course this is one that I've taken today.

Not particularly exciting, as it has been raining all day, and so not a lot was happening. But it does show some abandoned deckchairs in the beach area of the Old Market Square.

In fact the whole beach area was deserted, except for a couple of guys propping up the bar of the Beach Bar and a brave child on one of the rides.

The rain has been about the first for about three weeks, and is welcome, as the plants in the garden are starting to look a bit sorry for themselves. I have got the hosepipe out a few times, but probably not as much as I should have.

The forecast is for similar over the weekend, so I certainly won't have to do any more watering for a few days, which means more time for photography.

Monday, 15 August 2016

The Red Side Of The Moon

I was quite surprised to see the Moon surrounded by a red sky tonight, as usually any red sky sunsets that do appear are in the opposite direction to the Earth's nearest planet.

But tonight, both the red sky and the Moon were both in the right position for me to get this photo.

I of course used my 40-150mm zoom lens, to get this shot, otherwise it would just be a small dot in the sky.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Broken Free

This building in Beeston is called The Grange and was built in 1820 for a local businessman. In May 1976 it became Grade II listed, and was used as a refuge for homeless people.

Up until recently, it was Beeston's police station, but they moved out last year, and transferred to the local council offices. It has stood empty ever since.

A planning application was made to the council to turn the building into luxury apartments and to construct some flats where the main part of the station was, and which was demolished only this week. Wednesday in fact.

The section that was knocked down was built in the 1950s and some of it looked similar in style to the Grange, while some of it didn't.

The site will be one that I will be following, to see how things progress.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Talk To Me

A shot of Kayes Walk in the Lace Market today, which runs parallel to St Mary's Church.

All the old buildings have been turned into offices, and makes for a good backdrop to any scene.

I spotted these two people coming up the gentle slope towards me, and thought I would take a shot or two. It looks like the woman is doing all the talking, whilst the man, possibly pretends to listen, but thinking of the tasks that he has to do back in the office.

I've given the photo a slight sepia tinge, just to make it a little different.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Not A Plain Plane

I passed the shop near the castle that sells lots of Tintin stuff.

I noticed that there had been a change of window display and my eye was instantly drawn to the model plane in Tintin livery.

The model is based on the real Airbus A320, which belongs to Brussels Airlines and has been named Rackham.

The design comes from the Tintin adventure 'Red Rackham's Treasure, the twelfth in the series and written in 1944.

It's a fantastic model, but comes at a fantastic price too; £255. It's 1/100th scale and measures 38cm x 34cm.

Unfortunately I won't get to see the real thing anytime soon, as it won't be flying to East Midlands Airport, as it just tends to fly between Brussels and Tel Aviv

If anyone who reads my blog would like to buy me one in appreciation for my blog, then here's a big THANK YOU.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Art For Arts Sake

Just a bit of an artistic experiment today, as I haven't taken that many photos, as things have been a bit quiet in town and through Highfields.

A simple shot of some daisy like flowers that are growing in Highfields. Probably classed as a weed in most people's garden.

So to give the photo a little more interest, I've added a textured layer, so it looks like an old photograph, rather than one that is brand new. Maybe the top of a box of chocolates or a cigarette card. Something like that.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Paint Pots

There's a new exhibition on at the Contemporary by artist Michael Beutler.

A strange one too, as he has rebuilt his exhibition that he had at Spike Island in Bristol, and it's called Pump House.

The exhibition basically consists of rooms that have been made out of recycled materials and rubbish.

It's certainly different, and colourful in places, where he has made walls out of card, or plastic bags stuffed into small wire cages.

But my photographic eye spotted this little still life scene of some jars of paint randomly placed in a group, contrasted by a blue rubber glove.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Death Warmed Up

This handsome chap is called Egore and he works at The Navigation pub in town.

The people who run 'The Nav' often put photos on Twitter of him doing various things around the pub. I think that people have got used to seeing him around now, as he doesn't scare off the customers like he once did.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Bubble It

A Beeston based estate agents called CP Walker, is currently celebrating its 120th anniversary. So to commemorate this, the owners decided to partly sponsor an event at Broadgate Park yesterday called 'Party in the Park'.

It was similar to the carnival event a couple of months ago, with various stalls and music. And lasted all afternoon, and was well attended. The weather was lovely and sunny too. Perfect for any outdoor event.

One entertainer that caught my eye was 'The Big Bubble Man'. As his name infers, he creates bubbles with soapy water. But not just any bubbles. Giant ones, or hundreds of little ones at a time, through a giant piece of special string on two very long poles, which he dipped in a large bowl of soapy liquid and then life the poles into the air, and all these bubbles then appeared.

The children loved it, aid I watched them running around and trying to catch them. But of course they couldn't. And if they did, they would just pop, and a small shower of soapy water would fall to the ground.  There was also the opportunity of people having a go themselves. But on a much smaller scale.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

It's A Disco Inferno

Here's a shot of the Disco Prophets, that I took last night at the Riverside Festival.

A slightly different line up since the last time that I saw them at a gig.

They were still great to listen too, which their interpretations of 70s classic tunes like Chic's Le Freak, to more modern songs, such as Get Lucky by Daft Punk.

The audience that was watching them, were soon on their feet and jiving away to the songs. I meanwhile was trying to stay as still as I could, as besides taking some photos, I was also videoing some of the concert.

The stage lighting was great, and really added to the effect of being in Studio 54. Although the mirrored ball was really just there for effect.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Run For Home

I don't normally take photos of sport, as I have no interest in it at all, but a friend of mine is currently training to be a sports therapist, as as part of that he is learning how to do massage.

He and the others on the course were given the opportunity of putting into practice what they have learnt so far, as they were invited to a sponsored running event that took place tonight.

What was good was that the university grounds and Highfields Park were being used for the route. 10 kilometres I believe. So I went along to give him some support before he was needed and to show him where to go.

I got there first, as I came straight from work, and managed to witness the start of the race. There were over 400 competitors involved in the action. But had long gone by the time my buddy arrived.

He then met up with some other people from his course, so I know that he was going to be alright. So I left him with his fellow students, and went home to get ready to go to the Riverside Festival and meet up with a couple of other friends called Rupert and Kay, who lead a band that I've mentioned before called The Disco Prophets.