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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Blue Moon Night

Imac mentioned on his site that he was hoping to see a blue moon tonight. Well I was out tonight and managed to capture one in between the clouds.

I was quite surprised actually, as I thought it was just fiction; a subject for love songs and the like. Similar to the idea that it was made of cheese. Well it is in Wallace & Gromit's world anyway.

Can I wish all 539 followers of this site a happy and healthy 2010. This of course goes to all those who visit too, but for some reason don't want to make the pledge. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I got 539 replies back. It would make my year!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Bleak Photo For A Bleak Day

Not very interesting in town today. Wet too. I was fairly uninspired with anything worth taking a photo of. I sometimes do some random shooting. Just clicking away as I'm walking down the street. Most of the time is just a blurry mess, but sometimes an odd photo might appear that I can do something with.

Take today's effort, a good tweaking in Picnik, and here's something of interest.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Bargain Health

It seems that practically every shop in the city centre is in full sale mode at the moment. I was surprised to see this tanning & beauty shop reducing its prices. With 50% off, I just hope people don't come out only half brown!

Monday, 28 December 2009


There's been a few film noir films shown on the TV over the festive period. The one I like the most is The Third Man, with Orson Welles as a very shady character. Set in war torn Vienna, it's full of slightly odd camera angles, shadows and the bleak setting adds to the drama.
Fortunately most of Nottingham isn't war torn, so here's my homage to the genre of the cinema that doesn't get made very often now.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

It's Cheap At Half The Price

Christmas is over, but the stores are full again with shoppers. This time they are in search of a bargain. It can be a bit annoying when you spend £x on a present, and then a day or two later see it in the same shop with 50% off. I remember one year, Gail bought me a book for a present. We then saw the same book on sale at a drastically reduced price. So Gail returned the book, got a full refund, then bought the book again at the cheaper price & used the change to buy me another present!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Eye Spy

Alas my darling wife let the cat out of the bag (not Marmalade) about the answer to my old school photo. So it's a change of plan. Also we haven't been out since Thursday evening so I haven't taken any new photos either, except for some of Marmalade perched on the window ledge and peering through at Gail and I watching TV.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Going Snowhere

Well, we've had another flurry of snow tonight. It was raining when I left work, but had turned to snow an hour later.
I just hope it doesn't turn to ice tonight, otherwise I'll be better off on skis, rather than in my car when I go to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Class of 1971

We've just taken delivery of a new handheld photo scanner. We've tried one before, but it wasn't very good. This one looks a bit better, was cheaper and does 7"x5"'s too. Here's the first photo that I scanned with it. The classic school line-up photo. This one dates from 1971, and was taken at my junior school (St Mary Abbots) in Kensington, London. I had dug it out, not for this blog particularly, but for facebook, as I have come across one of my old chums on there.

A prize goes to the first person who guesses which is me. Just to make it a bit easier for you, I'm in either the front row or the back row. And no, I'm not Mr Hammer the teacher!
You have until Christmas Day.

Monday, 21 December 2009

A Nightingale Sang In Wellington Circus

We went to see Kate Ruseby last night at the Playhouse. As usual, she was excellent, and sung a mixture of Christmas songs and the more traditional folk tunes. Those that she is so well known for. There was a line up change of her backing musicians. But it was no detriment to the music. Once again she was supported by a small brass band, made up of former Coldstream guards. Kate helped raise our spirits for a short time from the sad news we had learned earlier.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

It's Snow Time

Well, we've had some 'proper' snow at last. Not much, but some. I took this photo from the relative warmth of our porch this afternoon.

I'd like to dedicate this post to my next door neighbour John, who unexpectedly and sadly died today. He worked as a journalist on the Nottingham Evening Post, specialising in entertainment and local history. He had been ill for some time, and although still not 100%, John had recently gone back to work. He was planning to write a cookbook of some description. I had been scouring the charity shops and jumble sales for old cookbooks, which he was using for research. I know he will be sadly missed by all those who knew him, as he was very jovial and had lots of tales to tell.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Four Wheels On My Waggon

Well, it's finally arrived! After waiting nearly four months, my new Fiat 500 is at the garage waiting to be prepared, ready for me to collect on Tuesday. I have actually been in two minds recently, deciding whether to still go ahead and buy it or not. Feeling guilty about spending money on something new, instead of doing my old car up and keeping with it. But seeing it again, albeit still covered in protective film, wet and without a number plate, I have decided to go ahead with it. It is also a special edition, so it should hold, if not exceed its value.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Snowhere To Go

I was expecting to wake up to a white blanket of snow everywhere, like the little boy does in the Snowman. But alas the weathermen were wrong again and all we had was a dusting of frost. It was very cold though and took me ages to cycle into work. So no fancy snow shot today, just one from the archive. One that I took in February, when we had some proper snow.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Today I've been rather stupid and forgetful. I have done the digital version of not putting any film in my camera. Yes, I forgot to return my SD card to my camera's slot!
I felt naked walking around the city centre at lunchtime without my trusty G1 in my right hand. Fortunately there wasn't a lot going on, although a small snowstorm took place while I was out. So I have nothing new to show you, except another photo of our beloved Marmalade. This time in Tarzan mode.
Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

You're A Mog

Here's a really visual piece of street art. It has been sprayed on the side of a shop that sells DJ equipment. Hence the idea of these two Unimogs being stacked high with speakers, with the DJ 'spinning his tunes' on the top.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Reading Room

I looked in on our Flickr exhibition, to see what it looked like and to read any comments left. I was off work last week, so yesterday was the first time that I have had a chance to view it. All the photographs look very professional in their mounts and on the wall. Some people have left some very nice comments.
I don't know if these two gentlemen had looked at our prints yet, but they were enjoying reading their newspapers.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Rich Pickings

All of a sudden you can't move for posters, TV commercials and fliers asking for your old, broken and unwanted gold. It seems that everyone want's it, no matter what condition it's in. It's like the old Klondyke goldrush of the 1890s. The thing is that there have been warnings about how much you are offered, and how much the jewellery is actually worth. It seems that there is often a big difference and that customers are being cheated out of maybe as much as half of the value. I hope this potential customer in the Broad Marsh isn't being ripped off.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

MINI Mania

Last night Gail and I went to our first meeting with the Notts Mini Club. As some of you may remember, a few months ago Gail traded in her old car for a newer diesel MINI. So she has now joined one of the best MINI clubs in the country, so we can go on trips, visit shows and get into the very popular MINI scene. We attended a Christmas dinner at a hotel near Edwinstowe. The food and service wasn't up to much, but the company was good. When we were leaving, I took a few photos of some of the members' cars.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Femme Fatale

Here's another shot of Lily Allen looking a little bit raunchy for the finale of her show at the Trent FM Arena.

Friday, 11 December 2009

A Little Oh La La

At the moment, my friend Jilly in Monte Carlo is showing a series of photos featuring Citroen cars from the past 90 years. As it happens, a neighbour of mine also owns a Citroen. As you can see it is a 2CV AK400. A van version of the 'Tin Snail' from 1967. He is presently saving up to have it resprayed yellow. So he'll be able to call it his 'Tin Canary'.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Guilding The Lily

Gail and I have just got back from seeing Lily Allen's concert at the Arena. On the whole I think we were both a bit disappointed with the show. The support act were terrible. Neither of us like rap music anyway, and this group weren't even very good at that. The sound level throughout the night was just too loud. This made Lily sound like Minnie Mouse. Either that, or she'd been inhaling helium!
Lily's show was ok. Nothing special though. I kept taking photos before being told off by security. Even though, loads of people were filming it on their mobile phones etc. Just because I was holding a 'proper' camera.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Living The Life Of Riley

Here's another shot of Marmalade, our sweet little adopted cat. I thought you might like to see how well she has taken to living with us, and how at home she has become.
Talking of homes, my friend Imac and his gang are having another header war this week. Pop over and vote on who has the best theme of 'our house'.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bokah Christmas

Gail was asking me yesterday what 'bokah' in photography meant. I said it was taking an out of focus or slightly out of focus photograph. It's not something I purposely do, but sometimes it happens; especially if I'm taking some quick action shots. Most of them I delete, but this one of Beeston's Christmas tree and lights looks quite pleasing.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Making An Exhibition Of Oneself

Today marks the start of a month long exhibition of photos at Nottingham's library. What's exciting for me is the fact that I have three photos on display, and it's the first time that anyone's seen them in the flesh as it were.
A number of us from one of Nottingham's Flickr groups are showing off some of our work to a hopefully receptive and appreciative general public.
This poster has been designed by Stewart, a fellow Flickrite and all round good guy. I know my blog is followed globally, so unfortunately a lot of you won't be able to visit, but you can get to see the photographs through this link. For those that can, please make the effort, as I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Other Side Of The Fence

Here is a shot of the opposing group, who were rallying close by. The police managed to keep them apart, otherwise things might have turned nasty. The whole scene was being covered by the BBC and other press agencies from the relative safety of the castle. A small flare up of violence happened on Castle Boulevard. To get an idea of this, here's some film that someone took from the Evening Post building. I heard a tip off about it and went down to see, but the police had stopped it by the time I got there.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Demonstration Time

I was in two minds whether to go to the demonstration this afternoon, as sometimes these things can get a bit out of hand. But I'm glad I did, and there were plenty of police around to keep the peace.
I always try to keep politics out of my blogs and just show what I've seen, and I'm being no different today. To keep the balance, tomorrow I'll show a photo of the other group that were demonstrating at the same time, but kept apart by a very thick blue line.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Where's The Door?

While I was cycling to work this morning I saw some workmen erecting this shed like structure around the Robin Hood statue, close to the Castle. Some of you maybe thinking it's a publicity stunt, or some student prank or new art installation. Well you're all wrong. It is in fact protecting the stature from possible damage by demonstrators tomorrow. There are going to be several demonstrations by various political factions all happening at the same time. Then there is going to be a parade of soldiers returning from Afghanistan and a big football match. Hundreds of police are being drafted in and roads have been closed. I'm planning to go along and capture the events. I'm hoping in a way that there is going to be a riot, so I can capture some dynamic moments.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Night Skywatch

Today the weekly blogging event that is Skywatch hits town. Today also marks my 1200th posting. I've been trying to find a suitable picture for my landmark, but without success. So you have this treat of seeing the moon slowly disappearing behind some clouds above the Council House.

For other worldwide skies that may be blue, grey, or any shade inbetween, click on this link

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Eye, Eye

Although I don't officially contribute to the header competition that my friend Imac is involved with each week, I try to do a tribute to it. This week's subject is 'looking through'. Trawling through my archive, I came across this shot that I took when the Gamecity event hit the town a couple of months ago in the Market Square. She is looking through a spyhole at a live war game that is taking place.

If you're intrigued with the competition, then pop over to Imac's page and see for yourself.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Street sweeping in Nottingham appears to have suddenly gone high tec with the introduction of this giant vacuum cleaner. Gone are the days when men went out with brushes and swept the streets clean. Now all they have to do is walk the streets and suck up the litter. Ideally of course, people should drop their rubbish in the bin, rather than on the ground. But no matter how many signs are put up, education, and discipline, people are either just too lazy or too stupid to keep their city clean.