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Friday, 12 September 2014

Up In Smoke

I was out shooting a band tonight and when I had done, I rang Gail to say that I was on my way home. Gail said that she had read on Facebook that there was a big fire at the university's Jubilee Campus. So I sped off in search of some photos.

Obviously with such a big fire, all the roads surrounding the campus had been taped off by the police.  But Derby Road was still open. So I pulled up on a side street and rushed over to where I thought I could take some decent shots.

As I had been shooting in a pub, I didn't have any zoom lenses with me, except for my 12-40 f2.8, which wasn't long enough, but I did have a 75mm f1.8, and a digital teleconverter, so I managed to take some reasonable shots like this one.

The building that was burning, wasn't even finished yet. A laboratory, funded by a big pharmaceutical company. It has cost £20 million and was meant to be carbon neutral.  Not anymore going on the amount of smoke and flames in the night air.