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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A Tale Of A Tale

As there hasn't really been much to watch on terrestrial TV lately, we're having a go with a free trial of Netflix.

Because I've read so many comments from people ranting on about Breaking Bad, we watched some of the first episode, but didn't really get on with it.

So looking at what other programmes were on offer, I picked a series called 'Once Upon A Time'. And we are hooked. We are now watching about three or four episodes a night. Which is great, as over 120 have been made so far.

The basic plot centres around this small American coastal town called Storybrooke. The people go about their business, completely unaware that they are actually characters from traditional fairy tales, who have been cursed by the evil queen, who is the mayor of the town. Another antagonist is Rumplestiltskin, who masquerades as the town's antiques dealer, and richly played by Scottish actor Robert Carlyle. The school teacher is Snow White and a waitress is Red Riding Hood.

There is a protagonist of course, in the form of a woman called Emma Swan, who just happens to be the daughter of Snow White's and Prince Charming, and her eleven year old biological son called Henry, who was adopted by the mayor as a baby.

We have now started on series three, and who should make an appearance but Nottingham's own folklore legend Robin Hood. He did pop up briefly in series two, together with a pregnant Maid Marian. But this time he appears to be on his own, but being helped by the Asian soldier Mulan.

Series three takes place in Neverland, where Peter Pan is a baddie and has kidnapped Henry.

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