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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Glow In The Dark

We went to a gig last night at a bar in the city centre to see a band we are friends with called The Disco Prophets.  We often take photos and videos of them performing at their various gigs around Nottingham.

Of course we took some last night and sifting through them today, I came across this one that looked quite unusual to me, as the woman dancing appears to be glowing, or being zapped by a ray gun.

I promise that I've not fiddled with this photo at all in my digital darkroom, except for a bit of tweaking with the the contrast and sharpening. The strange effect was caused by the bar's disco lights, as they are LED ones, and sometimes cause colour problems with the electronics in my Olympus camera.  Sometimes it's annoying, but on occasions it works out for the best.