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Saturday, 11 July 2015

There's No Sting In His Tale

This is my good pal Matt. Besides having a number of different journalistic strings to his bow, he runs a free magazine about Beeston called The Beestonian, which I also write for and submit photos to.

A few weeks ago, Matt put up a challenge on the Beestonian's Facebook page, that if the page got 2500 likes by the end of June, then he would cycle round Beeston, dressed as a bee; which is part of Beeston's coat of arms. Of course myself and many others plugged this mercilessly for days, until the magic figure was reached.

Matt was a bit shocked at first in that he would now have to do it. But I think he was secretly pleased, as he is a bit of an exhibitionist on the quiet. Of course the problem for him now was finding a suitable bee costume, and working out when to do it.

I suggested that he should do it as part of Beeston's carnival, as then he wouldn't look 'too stupid', and a local school came up with the desired outfit. So at lunchtime today, Matt joined the carnival parade and made his way from the Square to Broadgate Park, together with marching bands, sports groups and lots of children from different local playgroups.

He seemed to enjoy the experience, even though he said that he had no shred of dignity left, and lots of people stopped to have their photo taken with him. I was lucky to share the experience with him, as I have been taking some new medication for my health issues. Fortunately they appearing to be working, and so I was able to leave the confines of my house after two weeks.

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