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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

In Memory

Death seems to be on everyones lips at the moment, with the passing almost every couple of days of someone well known. Lemmy at Christmas, David Bowie last week and Glenn Frey from the Eagles yesterday.

But of course it is not only superstars that have to face the final curtain. The ordinary, the poor and the old have to face it too. Which brings me to sadly finding out today that Arthur, the father of a friend of mine, who passed away early this morning in hospital, at the age of 81.

I've known Russell and Arthur a number of years through being involved in amateur dramatics, and appearing in shows together. Of course the father and son duo were much better than me, as they had been involved in entertaining people for a long time. They had even made a film appearance together in Santa Claus The Movie, which starred Dudley Moore.

Arthur of course had other strings to his bow, which included painting and writing poetry. I'd not seen him for a while due to his illness and needing long term care. But I listen to Russell most Sunday afternoons, as he does an Internet based radio show, which features music from days gone by.

This isn't one of my photos. I've copied it from Russell's Facebook page, but I''m sure he won't mind, as hopefully it will bring some comfort to him and that he knows that I am thinking of him.