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Thursday, 22 September 2016

It's A Great Life On The Buses

A couple of weeks ago, the Old Market Square resembled a seaside, complete with sand, slot machines and donkey rides.

Now it has taken on the role of global market, especially with food, as there is all sorts available, French crepes, Thai street food and various curries. Local superstar butcher Johnny Pusztai was there too, offering his famous sausages and burgers to hungry passers by.

Drink wasn't neglected, with a Pimms tent, and this novel use for an old London bus. Quite a good idea, and nice to see this example of the world famous Routemaster get a new lease of life after spending years running up and down the streets of the capital.

I see this musician is wondering whether he could get a gig on board, as maybe the upstairs is a cosy seating area, where you can sit, chat, drink and watch the world go by.

Considering today is the first day of autumn, it was lovely and sunny at lunchtime when I visited the market. Plenty of people were milling around and looking at the things to buy. There was even a stall where you could obtain a mortgage, and another that was selling a special peeler for making vegetables look decorative.

Music didn't go amiss, as when I was there a singer was entertaining everyone with some reggae tunes.

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