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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Nature Art

I visited my local library this morning for the last time in 2016. Not because I'm leaving Beeston, but because the library is closing for nearly a year, so it can go through a £1,000,000 upgrade.

It's having a new roof and windows, and they are going to re-introduce the front entrance, which was blocked up many years ago. There's also going to be new shelving and hopefully a performance area for visiting musicians etc.

Leaving, I noticed a trail of stones on the wall surrounding the library. On closer inspection, I could see that someone had made, what I take to be a fish out of a leaf from a laurel bush and some stones.

I guess that it had been created by one, or some of the children that go the the adjacent Round Hill School. It's quite artistic, so I thought I would record it for posterity.