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Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Yorkshire Lass

We went over to Mansfield tonight, to see folk singer Kate Rusby, who was appearing at the town's Palace Theatre.

We've seen her a number of times now & she never disappoints. She only has a small band with her, two guitarists; one being her husband Damien O'Kane an accordion player, and someone on a double bass. I was surprised with the introduction of a Moog keyboard. But it was used sparingly by the bass player.

Gail & I love her songs and brand of humour. She always tells little stories about the songs, where she found them, their history, and how good it is to live in Yorkshire, especially Barnsley, as that's where she comes from.

She's not singing in this shot, but telling one of her stories, hence the amusing expression. She was saying that in 2017, will mark her 25th anniversary of being a professional singer. And long may she continue.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Bows And Arrows

The Old Market Square has been transformed into an arena for archery, as there will be a tournament taking place at the weekend.

They have been busy installing the seating, podiums etc over the last few days.

As the area has been completely sealed off, people are either having to walk round, or take a shortcut across the entrance to the Council House. Being such a busy area, this shortcut has got quite crowded as people have crossed on the stairs, which are quite narrow.

I won't be going to see the action, as I have been to see a couple of these things at Wollaton Park, and t's not that exciting to watch. Besides which they were free to go in. This one you have to pay.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I don't know what Tintin is celebrating, but Snowy looks like he can't wait to have some of that champagne.

This rather cute model is in the window of a shop near the castle that sells a lot of the boy detective merchandise, created of course by Herge.

I just hope he drank the fizzy wine after he had ridden his motorbike, and not before.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Reach For The Sky

Walking across town after the book launch yesterday, I came across this big machine not far from the castle.

It looks very similar to the one that I saw near the Victoria Centre the other month. I believe it is used for pumping cement into areas where people can't normally get, such as possibly behind these two buildings.

Be interesting to see the machine in action, or even the guy who has to climb all the way up to the cab, high in the sky.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Easily Read

Rough Trade is more well known as a music store. They also sell various books, so it was a good setting for the UK launch of The Third Script book; a volume of short stories from writers in the UK, Tasmania and Iran.

My friend Matt has a story in it called Tom's Eyes. It's a true story about a terrifying adventure he had some time ago, when he went to live abroad.  Some of the other writes are in the photo, together with some others who read extracts from a couple of the Iranian and Tasmanian stories, as obviously they couldn't be there in person.

Also in the photo at the very back is screenwriter William Ivory, well known for the film 'Made in Dagenham', which was about a strike at Fords in the late 1960s over equal pay for women. And also at the back is none other than our very own official Robin Hood, who spoke for about five minutes about how good it was to live in Nottingham.

One of my favourite local bands The Madeline Rush played three new songs, acoustically this time. Which were of course very good. I bet they should a lot more grungier with their guitars plugged into their amps.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Made In Hairven

Something unique has now arrived in Beeston, in the shape of a new hair and beauty salon called Hairven. Situated in an empty shop on the High Road, the former silk mill has been transformed into an oasis of organised calm, enabling people to look and feel better through the various hair and body treatments available.

I went along to Saturday evening’s opening party to see what sort of thing was on offer, and was amazed to learn that clients from across the country, including London would be arriving into Beeston to get a haircut and a manicure. Downstairs is where all the hair action takes place, whilst upstairs there are four treatment rooms, complete with mood lighting. There’s even a small cocktail bar. So you can enjoy a Fuzzy Navel after you’ve been defluffed.

I spoke to Collette the MD, although on her name badge she is known as the ‘General Dogsbody’ on why she decided to set up a salon in Beeston. She has one already one in another part of Nottingham, which has been open for around four years now. “It’s all down to my late Mother in Law, Wendy. She had cancer and was treated terribly at a salon in the city centre, due to her loss of hair. So much so, that I made it my goal to open a salon where everybody would be treated like they were special. I chose Beeston, as Wendy worked at Boots for 35 years, and so I have a very deep bond with the town. Just as I do with Gedling, where I come from and where Wendy is buried. I’ll probably move to Beeston sometime in the near future though, so that I can be near the shop”.

Besides pampering ladies with their five star treatments, the gents are also catered for. “Professional sportsmen visit us on a regular basis”. And by the number of people that were there, it looks like the salon will be a huge success, and will certainly help to put Beeston on the beauty map. The staff are known as ‘Angels’, and are managed by head angel Lauren, who has fiery read hair and sports a very distinctive lady pirate tattoo on her left arm.

Hairven are also a training academy. An NVQ can take two years, but other shorter specialist training courses will be available. This can only be excellent news for Beeston’s economy, as more students will be living here, as well as the influx of day trainees and clients from outside the area.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Picture This

Well it's finally happened. It's taken 10 years, but Nottingham Daily Photo has now reached half a million page views.

I have watched the magic figure get closer and closer over the past week or so, and so I was very presently delighted to see this milestone has now been reached, if not beaten.

So it's a big thank you from me to those that have visited my site on a regular basis, and especially to William Kendall, who always leaves a comment. I just wonder why very few other people do though.

Anyway onwards and upwards. I guess 750,000 hits is the next target. So please keep visiting .

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Still Waters

The cascade in Highfields has been off limits for some time now. But I was pleased to see that the gates are open again, and you can once again walk across the stepping stones to see the lovely waterfall. T's a real attraction to the park.

So I've done exactly that, and setting a slow shutter speed, I've captured the water tumbling down the rocks, as though it's frozen in time.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Foodie Heaven

I had an excited Gail on the phone this afternoon whilst I was at work. She said that whilst she was arriving back home from work, she saw a film crew down the road. With cameras and everything. I said get her camera out and start taking photos, as something special might be happening.

So a little while later, she rang again and described what was happening. I said that I would put a message on Facebook to see if anyone knew what was going on. A few messages appeared saying that they might be making an episode of the tv cooking show Come Dine With Me.

Fortunately they were still there when I got home, so I was poised with my camera too. I chatted to a couple of the crew who told me that it was a cooking show being made, but not Come Dine With Me, but a new show called The Kitchen Rules, based on the Australian show of the same name. It's where a well known chef eats a meal at different people's houses and decides who cooked the best food. In this case it is Michael Caines. Sadly not the actor from the Italian Job and Alfie. Now that would be a scoop, but a very well known chef. Sadly not with me, as I've not heard of him before.

Similarly to Come Dine With Me, the other contestants also join the chef in eating the meal. The winner gets £10,000. I popped down a bit later and chatted to the lady who was doing the catering for the production team. She said that they were filmed an episode yesterday in Chesterfield.

Apparently it's a very popular show in Australia, and so Channel Four have bought the rights to it, and are making their own version. Also involved is tv presenter and cookery writer Prue Leith. The show will be screened later in the year. So it will be interesting to see what Beeston looks like through their camera lens.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

In Or Out?

On June 23rd, the UK has a vote on whether it want's to remain in the European Union, or come out.  It joined in 1973, and is one of 28 countries that make up the EU.

I went along to the Parish Church tonight, as there was going to be a debate about whether the country would be better off being in or going out. I was hoping to get some sort of answer, as I really don't know at the moment. Yes, I can see the advantages, and I can also see the problems. One being in how the EU actually operates, and what unfair influence it can have on a country.

There were a group of six people, sadly in a way all men, that were going to answer questions suggested by the audience. I submitted one about getting to the actual facts, despite all the scare stories, false information and general propaganda instigated by both sides.  This panel consisted of a couple of academics from the University of Nottingham. One Greek and one from Pennsylvania, America. Both professors. Also present was the BBC's local political correspondent John Hess.

There were around a hundred people in the audience, who were mainly of the older generation. As people were entering the church, they are asked if they would like to vote; in, out or don't know. I of course voted 'don't know'.

The discussion went on for a couple of hours, and touched on subjects like trade, immigration and travel. It was quite interesting to hear a discussion, rather than a dogfight, which you usually get with politicians.

At the end though I still am not fully convinced either way. But as John Hess said, everyone should vote, even if it means tossing a coin.  Heads in, tails out.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Abstract Sky

So here's an unusual little shot that I took near my house.

The moon and a vapour trail coloured orange by the sunset.

As we are on the flight path to East Midlands Airport, we get planes going over all the time, so the pilot flew over in just the right place, to catch the last rays of the evening's sun.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Door To Another Universe

I remember as a child watching a Japanese cartoon series called Marineboy. It told the tale of a boy who could swim underwater and stopped invading monsters through using exploding boomerangs.

The one thing that I haven't forgotten is that all the characters had such big eyes, which these days is known as Manga.

So I was pleased to see these characters protecting the doorway to a comic shop in the Lace Market. Looking at the state of it, especially with those bricks missing, it certainly needs something.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Wedding Belles

Today marks the second wedding anniversary of our good friends Matt and Ellie.

Here they are at their party, held at the White Lion pub in Beeston.

It was a lovely day. One which they will probably never forget. At least my photos will help them remember if they do.

And the good news now is that they are expecting their first child.

Happy anniversary you two.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Under The Ivy

I don't think this house is empty, but has been seriously neglected, judging by the amount of ivy growing over the attic window.

The rest of the house didn't appear to be in very good condition either. The pile of rubbish, including an old car number plate at the side didn't help.

I saw it on the way to the Attenborough Nature Reserve. So it was something a bit different to photograph, other than swans and ducks.