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Friday, 23 December 2016


For some, Christmas is a time of sadness. It's not all parties, crackers and tinsel if you're feeling, lonely, sad or generally down. People are also grieving for loved ones that they have lost recently.

One such, is the person that taped this bunch of flowers to the railings along the canal, as last week, the police sadly fished someone out of the water, who had gone missing.

A upsetting thing for both the police, and for the family of the man they retrieved.

I hope the person that did this, has taken some comfort from marking the area where it happened.

I pass this way to and from work, and it's not nice to know that someone decided that this was going to be the place where they wanted to end it all. Fortunately there are a number of voluntary organisations that are there to help people that are feeling the same way. I just hope that they decide to call them first.