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Monday, 16 March 2015

Health Service

Early this morning I had to go to the QMC hospital. No, fortunately there wass nothing wrong with me, I just had to take someone in who was scheduled to have a small operation. Thankfully nothing too serious, but it will mean that they will need to have around a month off work for their recovery time.

While they were in theatre, I took some photos of the views that I could see out of the ward windows. At the front of the photo you can see the new tram bridge, which I saw being put into place during September 2013. Then there is the main A52 road that takes vehicles towards Newark and Grantham.

There used to be a number of nurses' quarters where all those cars are parked. But they were knocked down a couple of years ago, to expand the existing car park, as the old multi-storey car park had to be knocked down due to crumbling concrete.

The hospital is meant to be building a new multi-storey car park that's going to have a helipad on the top. They just have to find all the money to build it.

There's been a lot written about the poor state of the NHS; the cuts in service, shortage of beds and overworked medical staff. But I have to say, the nurses and doctors that were involved this morning did a wonderful job, and the operation went well.