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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Just Not Cricket

Not being interested in sport at all, I have never been to the two football grounds that Nottingham has, or indeed the cricket ground near Trent Bridge in West Bridgford.

This changed today, as I had to visit the cricket ground for a job interview. I don't think it went too badly, but we will see.

Before I left, I thought I would take a few photos of the cricket pitch, which was being got ready for the new season. It was strange to see all the empty seats, as whenever I've seen it on TV, it has been packed.

But cricket to me is slow and boring. There seems to be a lot of hanging around after the ball has been chucked, and someone tries to hit it and then there's a bit of running around. Maybe they could speed things up a bit, to make it appear to be a bit more exciting than it is a present.

The design of the floodlights is quite unusual, as they look like giant lollypops, and you can see them from quite a way away.