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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Table Manners

Posh is a play that chronicles a group of students at Oxford University who are in an exclusive dining club and get up to some bad behaviour.

The play is based around the exploits of the real Bullingdon Club, whose members have included David Cameron, George Osborn and London Mayor Boris Johnson. The all male group dined, got drunk then would often run amoco in restaurants, breaking windows and smashing things up, and being from wealthy backgrounds, would apparently pay for the damage in cash.

The Playhouse hosted the play, which was written in 2010, last week. Sadly I didn't get to see it, but to tie in with the performances, the theatre ran a competition on Twitter to win a copy of the script, signed by Laura Wade herself. Fortunately I was one of the winners, and went to collect the book from the Playhouse today.