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Monday, 13 April 2015

Vote For Me

I went to the first of perhaps many Hustings events in Beeston, during the run up to the general election next month.

We have six candidates standing to be out next MP, but only five turned up to answer questions from the very large audience that had packed into our parish church. For some reason the UKIP person stayed away, which is probably just as well with their brand of politics.

For some reason Broxtowe is a marginal seat, and often features on the TV news. Our recent MP Anna Soubry only won by less than 400 votes, over our previous MP, Nick Palmer, with many think he'll be making a welcome return next month.

It was a lively debate, with topics ranging from Trident, the economy and HS2. Strangely there were no questions about the continuing privatisation of the NHS. Only David, the Green Party candidate mentioned it as part of another question.

There was a bit of a commotion when an old soldier got up a couple of times to complain about how the armed forces, especially the Army that were being poorly treated over their pensions, Government spend on kit and equipment and health concerns of soldiers.

He started off well, then it defended into farce, as his dad joined in the argument, and the vicar and verger had to break up the duo. Things then calmed down and the discussion continued.