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Friday, 10 April 2015


You may remember a few days ago I told you about a new cafe that had opened in the city centre that special attraction was in having a number of cats freely wandering around to entertain the customers.

Well I paid a visit today with some friends that I used to work with. It was quite busy, with plenty of people coming and going. At the entrance there is a sort of "air lock", so any of the cats can't escape into the busy city centre. The kitties seem quite happy wandering around and playing on the various items that were lying around. There is also a bridge that winds its way around the cafe that the cats can use to move around without being disturbed by any customers.

Besides paying for any drinks etc, the cafe charge a fee which goes towards food and vets fees for the cats, which is fair, considering there are about a dozen furbies, and they all need looking after. The cats are available for adoption, should you take a liking to any of them.