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Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Comical Day

My Saturday morning is usually spent in Beeston shopping and having a look around the many charity shops that my town now has. A new one only opened this week. So that makes nine in total to look round and see what goodies I can find.

Besides the many other shops there is one that sells comic books, models and role playing games. It is called Chimera and I think that I have only been inside once before, and that was to see a friend of mine called Tim, who loves playing role playing games. I just happen to walk past and see a poster in the window advertising free comics, as it is apparently Free Comic Book Day, which is news to me, as I didn't such a thing existed.

So I popped inside to see what it was all about. The owner told me that once a year companies that print comic books give copies away to promote their work, and this has been an annual event for some years now. He showed me to a couple of tables that had piles of comics on them. He said have a look and just take any that you fancy, read and enjoy them.

So I picked up some and had a browse. Some didn't really appeal to me, but being a Doctor Who fan, I had to have that one and I was intrigued by the Steampunk version of Goldilocks and the modern take of Alice in Wonderland.

I will give these comics a go, but I can't see them becoming part of my life, as that is shared with photography.