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Thursday, 7 May 2015

'X' Marks The Spot

Today the UK goes to the polls to vote for who is going to be their next MP, and which party will be in charge of the country for the next five years. We've had loads of promotional bumf through the letterbox over the last few weeks from all the parties that have put up candidates, telling us how wonderful their party is and what amazing things they are going to do to make the country better and richer.

I popped down to my polling station after work which used a local church hall for it's base to use my vote. It was actually quite a difficult decision to make. I had six candidates to choose from. I instantly ignored three of them, but it took some thought of who to pick from the remaining three, as I consider one candidate to be a friend, another I've met a few times, and the other represents the party I feel closer too.  So after some consideration I put my X in the box. Just have to wait until tomorrow to find out how everyone did, and whether my choice made it through.

I also had to vote for councillors to represent me on our local council. This was much easier, as I was allowed to vote for two people, so didn't take so much brain power.