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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Comedy Cooks

Despite these two looking a bit like Laurel and Hardy, they are in fact local well known award winning butcher Johnny Pusztai and celebrity chef and broadcaster Richard Fox.

They were in Beeston today giving cookery demonstrations as part of Beeston's first food and drink festival.  Sadly it was really a bit of a washout as it has been raining all day. It actually started last night, and hasn't stopped since.

This didn't' stop the two foodies putting on a good show. I learnt how to make fritter using carrot, onion, cumin, double cream, coriander and flower. It was easy to make and very tasty. I will have to have a go myself. I also got to taste some flatbread, and a bit of Tandoori chicken.

There were quite a number of food stalls between the Square and Broadgate Park, selling different foods like pies, organic vegetables and halloumi wraps. Sadly due to the weather some events had to be cancelled on Broadgate Park.

It's a shame that the weather has been so poor, as a lot of work goes into organising these things, and it seems a waste of time if no one goes to support it, let alone buys anything. Still Johnny said that he had an enjoyable time conversing with passers by with their cookery questions.