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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Clocking On

Well Nottingham's unique landmark clock has been returned to the Victoria Centre, after being refurbished in Birmingham.

It has been away since February last year and has been missed by many people, as it made for a good meeting place, being near the entrance to the shopping centre.

Although everyone is very pleased to see it back, they are not too happy as to where it has now been placed. The owners of the centre have resisted it upstairs and away from people, unless you happened to go that way. This is because the owners are spending millions doing up the centre and the clock just got in the way of their plans.

And being upstairs, there is no way of looking at it from above like you used to be able to do, where it had sat since the early 1970s.  Looking at it from above was great, because you got a good view of all the moving parts when it struck the hour etc. And of course you also managed to get better angles for photographs.

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