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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

As much as I enjoy music, I have never had the urge or inclination to visit Glastonbury for the festival. The sheer thought of bing in amongst thousands of others fills me with dread, as I'm pretty sure I would end up with having a panic attack, as I would feel so hemmed in. Then of course there is camping in a tent, which is something else that I don't fancy. And I certainly won't mention the infamous Portaloos or the mud.

I think it is much better to be sat at home and watch it on the TV. I don't know who all the main acts are this year, but it was nice to see Lionel Ritchie entertaining the masses with his own special songs. I do know that there are a few local musicians playing there, including Saint Raymond, The Seaford Mods and Ferocious Dog.

It is nice to see all the different flags flying together. I even spotted the special Nottingham one. Music is probably one of the few forms of education that cuts across, race, creed and religion.

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