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Monday, 30 November 2015

A Winter Wonderland

I've never really been a great fan of Christmas. Especially these days, when shops start filling their shelves with cards etc from about the end of August. Far too early.The summer isn't even over yet.

One of the things I do like however, is seeing how the smaller shops decorate their windows. Using their initiative, as they haven't the budgets like the big stores have.

A local charity shop called Treetops has done a lovely job when I saw it on Saturday morning, as part of my weekly shopping trip to Beeston.

They have taken the Victorian theme and dressed some mannequins in old fashioned clothes. Which looks nice, but I was more taken by some tiny Dickensian figures and a snowy townscape.

So cycling home tonight, I thought I would have a look at whether the window display was lit up in any way, so I could take a photo or two, without the glare of the glass. And here's the result. I think the golden balls of bokeh are reflection from the Sainsbury's sign opposite.