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Monday, 9 November 2015

Thunderbirds Are Go

I came across the bargain of the year today in Sainsbury's. A brand new DVD release of all 32 episodes of the classic puppet adventure series from the 1960s, complete with postcards for the amazing price of £12.

It only came out last month to coincide with the programmes' 50th anniversary and seems to retail at around £40. So a very good saving, especially as it only really cost me £2, as I had a £10 gift voucher that I used.

Thunderbirds has always been one of my favourite shows growing up, and I think Parker the Cockney chauffeur to Lady Penelope was always my favourite character, with his "Yus me lady". This is possibly because my dad was also a chauffeur and a Londoner to boot.

I'm not sure whether Gail is looking forward to watching the five Tracy brothers rescuing people from dangerous situations from their secret island in the sea, even though all the special effects etc were hand made, rather than computer generated.