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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Harry's Last Stand

I met a wonderful and inspirational 93 year old man tonight in the form of author and political commentator Harry Leslie Smith.

He was in Beeston to talk about his long and varied life, and how he worries about the sort of country Britain has become, and how it may end up.

Harry was born in Barnsley and experienced grinding poverty at an early age. Sadly his sister died because their parents couldn't afford any treatment. This was long before the creation of the NHS, where everyone can get treatment for free.

During 1941, Harry joined the RAF, and when the war was over, he fell in love and married a German girl from Hamburg. This was the basis for his book 'Love amongst the Ruins'.  But it is his most recent book 'Harry's Last Stand' that he has become well known for. That and his Twitter postings, where he makes sensible observations and comments about what's happening in the country. The latest being about the forthcoming Euro election.

He received a well deserved standing ovation when the night was over and I think the the whole audience of over a hundred wanted to say hello and have a selfie with him.

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