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Monday, 6 June 2016

Peace And Love

A glorious and sunny evening cycle ride home through Highfields.

Plenty of rowing boats still being enjoyed on the lake. The ice cream van still selling doing a roaring trade from hot students and visitors. Joggers still running, even with the bright sun shining down on them.

Getting towards the other end, I came across two female Asian students posing for photographs being taken by another Asian student. Not with a camera, but with a mobile phone.

So I thought that I would have a go myself. They found it amusing that I would want to take their picture. But we did a little photoshoot, and showed them the results. Which they seemed pleased with.

The girl with the handbag gave me her email address, so that I could send them on to her. Which I have done, as I think it is important to provide photos to people that you have taken their picture of.

I bet when they receive them, they will be excitedly emailing them home to their friends and relations, saying how great things are going in Nottingham and at the university, even if our studies are difficult.

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