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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Change Of Plan

Cycling through Highfields, as is my want these sunny afternoons, I came across some singers being filmed, while they stood near the large stone lions from China.

Stopping to watch, I wondered whether it was something that some university students were doing. Maybe from Trent, rather than Nottingham, as Trent runs the more arty courses. Nottingham is more academic.

So out popped my camera for a few shots. A little while later a guy came over and said that it was ok for me to take photos, as long as they didn't appear on social media. I asked what it was about, and he explained that they were filming for the new series of The Choir, and these were some of the competitors.
I've not see the show before, but apparently a choir is made up of gifted amateurs, and the well known conductor Gareth Malone turns them into a professional singing group.

So instead,  here's a very fine bonnet emblem for a Ford V8 Pilot car that I took on Sunday at Wollaton Park.

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