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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Little Taste Of Italy

This is Jeanie Barton & Marysia Zipser, both friends of mine and who I met up with tonight at the Star Inn.

Marysia is promotes arts and heritage tourism, and is organising a week long tour of Tuscany in October. Gail and I were about the first to put our names down for the trip as it sounds a great experience.

The tour is also part of an exercise to get Tuscany twinned with Beeston.  It's something that the Tuscan mayor is keen to happen. And that can only be good for Beeston, when Italian tourists come over and see what Beeston has to offer.
Marisa gave a couple of presentations about the holiday, while Jeanie, a jazz singer, entertained everyone with her Italian themed songs.

The local paper ran a story about the plans, and the reporter had rung me up for a chat about the idea and what I thought of it, which of course I did. I also mentioned my photography and this blog which they printed almost word for word.

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