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Saturday, 22 August 2015

All Aboard

Phew, I've had a busy day today.

Firstly I took some photos to a local shop where I have a small display, as part of Beeston's week long Arts Trail. Then I went to the launch of the Arts Trail at the White Lion, where I saw a storyteller I know called Melvyn. He plays a character called Professor Popup, but could be an incarnation of Doctor Who.

I then went down to Beeston Marina to see the World War 2 landing craft that is moored there. It was going on a rare voyage along the canal to Nottingham. Instead of taking soldiers, for which it was designed for, it was taking passengers on a trip for which they had paid a fare, which was going towards a couple of local charities. I didn't go on the trip, as I had some shopping to do.

Then this evening I went to Proms in the Park. Jeanie Barton was singing. I wasn't sure whether it would be going ahead, as there was a terrific rainstorm about half an hour before it was due to start. But things were OK and so I popped down to see her. Her family were there too, so I had a chat to them whilst listening to Jeanie.

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