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Saturday, 1 August 2015

It's All Rideable

The first day of the month and so it's Theme Day in the world of City Daily Photos.

Since the theme of "bicycles" was announced, I have been looking to see if I could find an old fashioned, classic bike, after all Nottingham is the home of Raleigh Bicycles.

Sorry to say that I haven't, so I went for a rummage in my archive and came across this scene from a blue plaque unveiling in memory of a local cycling legend called Sid Standard.

Sid owned a cycle shop in Beeston and was also a member of the local cycling club.  He sadly died 12 years ago, on a cycling trip in Derbyshire. So to honour his memory, a blue plaque has been put up on the side of his shop, which is still a cycle shop in September last year.

For the classic bike spotter, you can see a Raleigh Chopper in the left hand window, next to the former mayor of Broxtowe Stan Heptinstall.