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Friday, 9 October 2015

Don't Mess With The Ladies

I have just been reading on the Internet that there had been a demonstration at the premiere in London of the new film about the Suffragettes.  Apparently over 100 women ran onto the red carpet while smoke bombs were going off. They were highlighting against the cuts in services for domestic violence. This ties in well with the theme of the film, as the Suffragettes demonstrated over the fact that women were't being allowed to vote.

I was at the Broadway Cinema on Wednesday, at a short photography workshop. After the lesson was over, I was walking down the stairs to leave, when I saw someone carrying a large stand that was advertising the film of the same name.

I stopped to talk to her, as I had noticed her clothing, which reminded me of a sailors uniform. She said that her name was Jess. I asked if I could take her photo, and kindly posed for me next to the big piece of card that she had just moved.

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