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Thursday, 8 October 2015

It's Behind You!

Someone at work mentioned the other day that there were only two more paydays until Christmas. That's quite worrying in a way, as it's proved just how quickly this year has gone.

Another feature of the Christmas season is the traditional panto, and the Nottingham Playhouse often puts on the best. No guest celebrity from the world of film, music or TV grace their stage, just good quality actors, slapping their thighs and and shouting "It's behind you". They are always written and directed by the one and only Kenneth Allan Taylor, who has been involved in the Playhouse's pantos for decades.

This year's panto was officially launched today. Not at the theatre as you might think, but in the window of a department store. John Lewis in the Victoria Centre became the stage for a publicity photoshoot for both the Playhouse itself and the local newspaper. I of course popped along to see what was happening and try and take a shot or two for the blog.