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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Factor Five

Tonight I paid my first ever visit to the Rescue Rooms, a music club in the city centre that is adjoined to Rock City.

I was there tonight to see the final of Notts Factor, a music competition that was last arranged two years ago.

There were seven singers & bands performing to win £500, a photoshoot and the change to play at a couple of big gigs next year.

Some of them weren't that good in my opinion, but some showed a lot of potential, and I'll certainly be looking out for any gigs that they do.

The winners were a band called 94 Gunships, who reminded me a bit like the Kinks. Clearly guitar based, but not in the AC/DC, Iron Maiden mould. They were certainly popular with the audience, and clearly the judges, of whom three of them I personally know.

Last year's winners One Girl, One Boy were meant to be doing a set whilst the judges added up their scores, but sadly they couldn't make it, so instead a friend that the compare knew was enticed on stage and sung a song in a Capella style. And very good she was too, but sadly I didn't catch her name.