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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Night Life

The Pitcher & Piano in the Lace Market is a fab bar, set in an old converted church, complete with stained glass windows.

It has been open a while now and is very popular with young and old alike. So when they recently announced that they were building a new outside area bar, I was quite excited.

I follow P&P on Twitter, and they ran a competition the other day to win tickets to their special opening night party. I entered, and fortunately I won. Gail was busy doing something, so couldn't make it.

So after work I popped along to see what was going on. I met up with a few of my Twitter pals, who I didn't know were going to be there. There were waitresses walking around with plates of free nibbles, which were very tasty, especially the stylish fish fingers.

As you can see the building is very modern with a good stocked bar. Obviously not as well stocked as the one in the main building, as that's huge, and situated in the middle of the ground floor. There is a garden too, complete with a flower covered piano.

I should think the new endeavour will do well, as it's like being outside, but inside. I wonder how it will look when it's decorated with Christmas decorations.

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