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Friday, 29 November 2013

Back To The Future

I don't know about other photographers, but I seem to take a lots of pictures and some I don't do anything with, such as this one which I took back in November 2012, during an all day model shoot at a professional studio in Long Eaton.

I took several of her posing with a motorbike, and would have shared the better ones with her. But probably not this one, as it didn't work for me at the time, as you could only see a bit of the motorbike, and I wasn't that keen on the blue of the graffiti.

So now that I have some knowledge of how to use Lightroom, I though that I would have a play with it, and see if I could make it look a little different and more satisfying to look at. Firstly I cropped the motorbike out altogether by twisting the photo, which makes for a more pleasing angle. I then softened her skin a little, removed a couple of moles from her arm, and then converted it to black and white, but with some toning.

For someone more skilled in Lightroom than me, they would probably tweak it a bit more somehow. But I am quite happy with it now, and so thought I would share it with you.