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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pick Up A Penguin Or Two!

First Nottingham city centre had their Christmas lights switched on on Wednesday, so today it's Beeston's turn. The button was switched on at around 6pm.

The location has changed this year, as usually it is in the Square, but with all the tram works and devastation in the area, the celebrations have been moved to Broadgate Park.

In the mean time there were a few things to do and see in the park. One of the main attractions were some Humboldt penguins from a wildlife sanctuary.

The penguins real home is South America, so I don't think they minded the cold Beeston weather. They were attracting quite a bit of interest from the passers by; especially the children.

There were a few signs around saying don't stick your fingers in the enclosure, otherwise they might get bitten!