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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Gladness And Sadness

There is a mixture of happiness and sadness to todays post which are linked by this photo of a Ford Capri, which I took during the summer at a classic car show, held in Wollaton Park.

Ford of course is an American car company, and today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. So I would like to wish all my Stateside visitors a very happy day, for when family members meet up and eat the traditional turkey dinner.

For those growing up in the late 1970s, there was a great action/adventure series on TV called the Professionals. It starred Gordon Jackson, Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw as agents from an undercover police unit called CI5, who battled terrorists, criminals etc in no uncertain terms. Collins' character Bodie raced around the streets of London in of course a Ford Capri. Not a red one though. I think his was green.

Sadly it has been reported that Lewis died yesterday after a long fight with cancer. He apparently had given up acting after parts dried up several years ago. So he moved to California with his family and started a computer business.  Gordon Jackson died many years ago. Besides the character of Cowley, he is best remembered as Mr Hudson, the butler in the long running series Upstairs, Downstairs. Martin Shaw is still a successful actor on stage and TV, with his latest role is that of George Gently, a 1960s detective, based in the north of England.