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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Conspicuous Consumption

While having a stroll around Matlock Bath on Sunday, we came across this Bentley sports car. it was of course attracting a lot of attention form the passers by.

Looking on the Internet, the price of it is somewhere around £160,000. So the person who owns it, obviously has a fair bit of money, and going on the number plate, they are not ashamed of boasting about it.

It was parked outside one of the amusement arcades, so Gail thought the car belonged to the owner of it, as such places do make lots of money from the punters who have no chance of winning, no matter how much money that they put in the slot machines and the like. These places tend to be run by criminals as well.

I'm not really sure whether I like this car or not. It's a bit too flash for my taste, as I prefer the more classic lines of the older style cars. I still took a photo of it though.