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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Meals On Wheels

Many of you will recognise these cheeky chappies, from the television, as they are of course The Hairy Bikers; chefs Si King & Dave Myers.

They have been on the TV a number of years now, cooking up regional, national and international dishes from the back of their motorbikes.

A new series has recently started on the BBC which shows them going around Asia and cooking the various dishes that the continent has created.

They were in Smiths today signing their latest cookbooks for fans. Due to a long team meeting at work, I arrived just as they were signing their last books. So I managed to get this shot whilst they were posing for shop staff.

They then left the store and headed for a stand outside where there were a couple of motorbikes belonging the the Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes. They chatted to the guys and signed a few more books that people had bought, but not had the opportunity of getting signed in Smiths.