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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Pride

Gail and I went to Ripley in Derbyshire today to see the new photo studio that a modelling friend of ours has just opened.

You've seen photos of Kelli Smith on here before, and she is having to give up modelling shortly as she is expecting her first child; a little boy that she and her partner Tim are calling Lawson.

Just as I parked my car in a nearby car park, I noticed the flash of a red E Type Jag in the corner of the car park.  So out came my camera and I took a couple of shots.

It was difficult in trying to get a good angle, as there wasn't a lot of space to work in. So I decided to try an aerial view instead, as there was some steps that led to the beer garden of a pub aptly called the Red  Lion.

I must say that Kelli and Tim have done a good job of creating a great photographic space, with many different areas to shoot in; an American diner, a Parisian cafe, a Versace bedroom, a library amongst others. They have nearly finished a shower area for wet shots.

There were quite a number of photographers there when we arrived, including a couple that we knew. So it was good to catch up and see what everyone was doing.

Of course I have to show another photo of Kelli, thai I took at our studio, who's showing of her baby bump. After all it is Mother's Day.