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Friday, 25 September 2015

Ed's Head

Nottingham had a royal visitor today in the form of Prince Edward. He was in town to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Theatre Royal.

I knew he was coming today, but had no idea when. So at lunchtime, I took a walk up to Theatre Square to see what was happening.

I was in luck as he hadn't arrived yet. A small crowd had gathered and the red carpet had been rolled out ready.  A couple of plain clothes police were wandering around. One bystander asked one of them when the prince would be arriving. She was told he was running a bit late due to traffic.   He was coming from Newark, where he visited the new Civil War Centre.

Finally he arrived in a black Range Rover, led by security people in a red Jaguar. He stopped and chatted to the crowd which was about 100 now before going into the theatre where he unveiled a plaque and had a piece of birthday cake.