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Friday, 11 September 2015

Reflecting On The Week

Well it's Friday, and the end of the working week, and the beginning of a week's holiday for Gail & I.

We are not going away, instead we are staying at home and doing a bit of sorting out around the house. A spring clean in the autumn you might say. Plus I will be doing some gardening, but we might find some free time to go on a day trip somewhere.

On the way back home from work, I cycled through Highfields park, as I tend to do most evenings nowadays. Making the most of the light nights, before the clocks go back next month. I, like most people dread it when the dark nights start at around 4pm and carry on till March. I know it's all to do with the way the Earth rotates around the sun, but I wish it didn't happen and that we got the same amount of daylight everyday of the year. Say 7am to 7pm. So come the end of October it will be dark when I cycle home and the park will be be closed at dusk.

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