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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Jones The Steam

Here's a super steam powered model railway layout, that was on show yesterday as part of the heritage weekend celebrations.

I think everyone loves watching trains of all sizes, especially the steam ones, as they portray the romance of a bygone age.  Although for me, I think I prefer old cars.

It was a big layout and took up quite a lot of the space in the hall that it had been set up in.  The enthusiasts had a couple of engines on the go, and the town that they had created was really quite quaint with a few houses, some cars and of course a station.

I watched them go round the track a few times and enjoyed looking at the small plume of steam every time the locos started up. Sometimes there was a bit of water on the tracks, and one of the owners had to rub the track with a cloth.  No wrong leaves on the line in the model world!