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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Who Do You Do?

I had the pleasure of meeting character actor Simon Fisher-Becker tonight at the Five Leaves Bookshop in the city centre.

He called in to give a talk about his life so far and to promote the first volume of his autobiography; "My Dalek Has a Puncture".

The intimate setting of the bookshop was just right for Simon to chat about how he was bullied at school, his working life in HR before becoming an actor, the plays and shows that he had been in and the good fortune that he has had since landing the part of Dorium Maldovar, the blue alien in Doctor Who.

He was also in the first Harry Potter film, albeit briefly, as most of the film ended up on the cutting room floor. In fact he joked that his screen credit was on longer than he was.

But it's not all been glitz and glamour, as he was badly attacked one night back in 2009, while he was at a petrol station.  Sadly this has left him with some disabilities. But ironically enough, if he hadn't been injured, he wouldn't have got the part of Dorium, as he would have had a role in a panto, and therefore unavailable.

Isn't like strange sometimes...