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Sunday, 20 December 2015

All Together Now

This is a friend of mine called Russell. We met several years ago when we were both involved in amateur dramatics. Although he is a lot better at it than I am. He's even been in a film; Santa Claus - The Movie, where he played one of the toymakers. His dad was in it too.

Besides having a normal day job, Russell earns a bit extra organising karaoke nights. He came to Beeston tonight to one of our pubs, so Gail and I popped along to see him in action.

The pub was very busy, with only being a week until Christmas. Russell was going through his gigantic CD collection when we entered.  As well as acting, Russell has quite a good singing voice, and I snapped him here whilst he was in full flow.

Russell also does a Sunday afternoon (4-6pm) radio show on Acacia Radio called The Golden Years. He plays all sorts of music, old and new. Eurovision songs and even old editions of Captain Kremen.

The radio is Internet based, so here's a link, should you wish to tune in sometime: http://acaciaradioaw.weebly.com