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Friday, 5 February 2016

A Relaxing Time

The annual Light Night festival took place tonight in Nottingham city centre.

I was hopeful that it would be an improvement on last years. There was certainly a lot going on, and it was better than the last one, but for some reason, I didn't find a lot of it exciting.

And also for some unexplained reason, a lot of my shots are in black & white. I have no idea why. Maybe its something to do with the mood I was in.

I began my exploration in the Old Market Square, then walked up to the castle. Being free entry, there was a ginormous queue of people waiting to go in. I thought I couldn't be bothered waiting. so had a stroll down to the Brewhouse Yard area.

On the way back I popped into a gallery for local artists to display their work. I noticed that there were about four artists sketching or painting an oldish man that was posing on a sofa. To add a bit of surrealism, a bowler hat had been suspended near his head.

Not being able to draw or paint, I took his portrait instead.