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Thursday, 7 July 2016

A Monk In Time

My pal at work who I meet up with at lunchtimes for a bit of photography bought an Olympus EM-1 yesterday, as he hasn't really got on with the camera that he bought earlier in the year, and it has affected his enthusiasm for taking pictures.

So he made the momentous and expensive decision to go and buy the model of camera that I use. He's been impressed with the camera's features and the customer service that Olympus provide, so he wanted to join the club. He's also pleased that I can offer help and advice on settings etc, as I've had mine almost since it came out.

So this lunchtime we decided to visit the castle, so that he could take some photos and I could give him a bit of training on how to get the best out of the camera.  Whilst we were walking around the grounds, we came across this 'monk' who was telling some visitors a tale about the history of the castle and its involvement in religion.

A good subject to photograph, as the actor was quite expressive and didn't mind being photographed. So we both took some photos, me with my 45mm lens and my pal with his 12-40mm. He was pleased with the results and the camera appears to have sparked his interest in photography again, which is brilliant.

He's not entirely sure what he is going to do with his other camera yet. He may trade it in, so he can buy some more lenses, or simply keep it for now, or pass it to his son.