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Friday, 1 July 2016

Rolling Along

I have never been to a school prom before. Certainly such things didn't exist when I left school nearly forty years ago. You just left and that was that. Most pupils were happy to see the back of school life, I know I was. It didn't help changing schools at 14, as I was always treated like an outsider, so I was only too pleased to hear that final bell sound the end of team and the beginning of my working life.

Nowadays it seems that it's a big deal when the days of formative education comes to an end. It's party time. And the former pupils really go to town on outfits, make up and getting there. It's almost the same as a grown up one, but without the alcohol.

An Italian fashion designer whom I know, asked me if I could go and take some photos of a dress that he had created for his girlfriend's niece. I said sure, why not. Something different to shoot.

The party was taking place at a local hotel, and fortunately it was sunny with some early evening sun. When we got there, I just couldn't believe how many classic and modern cars had been especially hired for the occasion. One after the other kept appearing and dropping off the sixteen year olds. Some of whom looked a lot older and very grown up. No one turned up in their dad's Ford Fiesta or Honda Accord, I can tell you.  And you can't really beat making an entrance in a vintage Rolls Royce, can you.

The dress looked amazing on the niece. You'll just have to take my word for it, as I can't show you what it looks like, or how glamorous the niece looked. She could have been mistaken for a model.