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Monday, 18 July 2016

Tide's In

The beach in the Old Market Square makes a welcome return this week.

Workmen are busy putting together the last bits and pieces before the big opening later in the week.

Of course the first thing that was completed is the bar area, so that the operators can start earning some money from the public.

Apparently this year's attraction is sponsored by the take away delivery company Deliveroo, so I guess we'll be seeing lots of their logos around.

It's always a good attraction for the kids, as it gives them something to do whilst they are on their summer break from school.  The beach itself is always a big draw, as the youngsters can make sandcastles to their hears content, whilst its free for their parents. This is especially good, as Skegness is the nearest real beach, and that's some 70 miles away.

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