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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Landing Gear Down

Kegworth is an unassuming village on the Notts/Leicestershire border, but it became famous in a sad way when a plane crashed on the M1, near there in January 1989.

The Boeing 737 belonging to British Midland had to make an emergency landing, and aimed for the East Midlands Airport close by. Unfortunately Flight 92 never made it and so it landed by the motorway, with the loss of 47 lives, and only a short distance from one of the airport's runways.

We had stopped off in the village, as we were on a Sunday afternoon drive out into the country, and I managed to get this Jet 2 airliner from a hotel car park, as it was approaching the airport.

The British Midland airline is no longer around, as it disappeared a few years ago. It did become BMI Baby, and did some really good cheap flights. Gail & I went on one to Switzerland a few years ago.

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